OneMoreShot Coffee Cup Campaign Hits Manchester

Manchester is leading the way in the push to increase recycling of single use coffee cups with the installation of dedicated coffee cup bins. Eleven giant coffee cup shaped bins are now located along Oxford Road thanks to environmental charity, Hubbub. It is hoped that by raising the awareness of coffee cup recycling, the UK will see a dramatic reduction in the number of cups being thrown in normal bins. 

The #OneMoreShot campaign will run from October to December and it is expected that around 20,000 coffee cups will be collected. These will then be reused as flowerpots in community garden projects in the area. This idea has developed from the issue that the paper cups are galvanised in a plastic that makes them difficult to recycle by a standard mill. Hubbub has created an alternative use for the cups to show that they really can be recycled.

According to Gavin Ellis, the founder of Hubbub, only 1% of the 2.5 million paper coffee cups used in the UK each year are being recycled – a terrifyingly low percentage.

Ellis stated, “This new initiative will test an innovative new technology and discover whether the public will separate out their coffee cups if specialist bins are provided. If this is successful, it can be extended to other cities across the UK as a number of local authorities have already put their name forward.”

Many of the coffee chains in Manchester have provided financial support for the campaign. With over 250,000 cups being used in Manchester every day, this is a vital step toward reducing this significant waste issue.