Looking Fantastic in Plastic

Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, was seen gracing the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art wearing a black and white outfit made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Dressed to impress for the MET Gala 2016, Watson’s bustier, trousers and long train were designed by Calvin Klein Collection as part of the Green Carpet Challenge for sustainable fashion.

The outfit was made from sustainable cotton, satin and taffeta and were woven together with yarn made from plastic bottles. The dress was designed to be repurposed for future use and can be worn as separate trousers or the train could be worn for another red carpet appearance. This is part of the #30Wears initiative encouraging people to wear an item of clothing at least 30 times. Watson has been an advocate for green fashion in the past, choosing to wear labels based on their commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion.

The Green Carpet Challenge is an initiative of Eco-Age that calls upon fashion designers to think about sustainability in their clothes. It was originally launched at London Fashion Week in September 2013 and has since been taken up by a wide range of designers. Some big names include Paul Smith, Chopard, D&G Alta Moda and Victoria Beckham.

Watson’s stylist, Sarah Slutsky, wrote on Instagram that “Plastic is one of the biggest pollutants – being able to turn this waste into a high quality material is a real success story.”