Extending the life of PVC cable

Polyvinyl Chloride (better known as PVC) is used extensively as an insulator for electric cabling and is therefore found throughout most buildings. When buildings are destroyed or new developments are added, cables are often removed and added to landfill, adding pressure to our planet’s ability to deal with waste. The copper wiring contained within the cables is in demand and of high value, while the left over PVC tubing is not appropriately recycled. 

This does not have to be the case and PVC cabling can be recycled and turned into new products. Its unique polymer structure makes it ideal for recycling and reuse. The plastic undergoes mechanical separation, grinding, washing and treatment before it is reprocessed and turned back into a plastic product.

With so much material ending up in landfill, there needs to be increased effort in recycling of plastics. PVC is light and can last for hundreds of years before degrading. Therefore recycling is the best option and will help sustain our environment for future generations.

At MB Recycling we’re interested in speaking to organisations dealing with PVC cabling and can help deliver an efficient and cost-effective recycling process. For more information, contact us via our online form or call Maxine on 07734 946418.